Warframe Free Bonus Codes

Promotional Bonus 100000 Credits !!!

Update 09/06/2015

Platinum is an in-game currency which can only be bought with real world currency.

It can be used to purchase Warframes, Weapons, Consumables, Sentinels, Mod Packs, and other various items from the in-game Market.

To further promote the game and let some players that didn't have the oportunnity to use it see it's true benefits, we are giving 1000 platinum to current players

How to get Warframe Platinium Promo Codes.

Get a bonus Code

Step 1: Click the Buttons on the Right side or Bottom of the Page and share.
Step 2: Click on Button below and complete a quick survey

How to redeem Warframe Platinum Promo Codes.

Go on the Warframe website
Log in to your account
Click on the "Buy Platinum" on the right side of the page
Enter your code in the "Promo Code" in the frame also on the right side of the page

Have fun and we await your feedback!